PLEASE NOTE: The below procedures only apply to HandBrake version 0.9.0 and utilizing an iPod preset provided by the development team.

Also Note that these settings are intended for creating a good quality file that can be viewed on your iPod or played from your iPod on TV or monitor of any size. If iPod video is not your concern or goal, there are better presets or custom settings you can use to meet your needs.

The below settings will be fairly slow on all but the new 2Ghz+ Intel Macs or the high end last generation of G5 PPC Macs.  Rip times exceeding 5 hours per-pass may be encountered when using anything less than a 2Ghz Dual Core PPC or a 2Ghz core Duo Intel processor.  Single pass can be used to reduce ripping time but will result in poorer video quality.

Your results may vary, do not bend, fold, spindle or mutilate.  Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Improper use may result in nausea, rash, runny nose, sore throat, indigestion or other symptoms.  If an erection lasting longer than 4 hours persists, please rip the next movie.

Please read the excellent DOCUMENTATION provided by the development team before asking questions.

Please utilize the SEARCH function on the forums before asking a question, it has likely already been answered  If all else fails, feel free to post a question on the *Handbrake Forums.

*Please keep all whining, bitching, moaning and complaining to a minimum. Be nice to us and we'll be nice to you.

>>> G5 users click HERE for a G5 Optimized version of Handbrake 0.9.0! <<<

1) When you first open HandBrake you will see this Window.  

2) Ontop of it you will see this window:

3) Select the source you want and allow HandBrake to read it:

4) When the scan is done, HandBrake will use the DVDs title to fill in the name in the Destination line:

5) From the sidebar, select the preset: iPod higher.  For smaller Video sizes, you can select iPod Low-Res.  This will result in a smaller video size, but also less quality.  NOTE that I have several self built presets listed as well, you can build your own too:

6) I prefer to select 2 pass and turbo, but this is optional. 2 pass will result in better video quality though. I have also chosen to set the Framerate to NTCS film vice default:

7) Now select your bitrate.  With the advent of iTunes 7.4, the iPod is capable of accepting bitrates up to and including 2500k:

8) One of the nicer things about the newer version of Handbrake is that they will use the DVD name to fill in the file name field in the destination line.  You can leave it at the default of you can rename it as desired. I have chosen to rename it:

9) Now you simply click "Add to Queue", note that there are 2 items in the queue (1 for each pass).  Then click "Start".

10) That's it, you are off and ripping.  The resultant file will play fine on Gen 5 or Gen 5.5 iPod Video (with firmware 1.2.1 or later) or on your Gen 6 "iPod Classic".

11) ENJOY!

>>> Many thanks to the Handbrake development team for continuing to make this app better and better every day.  THANKS FOLKS! <<<